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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF project and Tycho

On 05.11.2014 14:27, Aleksandar Kurtakov wrote:

> Well AFAIK, every committer to a project is supposed to have access
> to LTS shared code repo for the project if the project is added to
> the program. My personal take on LTS is that the program is still
> taking shape but in order to show it's potential it needs some
> consistency and providing the full stack in predictable way (the
> reason for this mail). How successful it can or will be is an open
> question. I still try to find my way in it and fill the gaps that
> overlap with other things that we are involved in.

OK, so once a project is in, its committers are enabled to fix bugs for
LTS consumers?

> - We look for collaboration. Second part is that as someone involved 
> in Eclipse platform - being able to provide additional(separate) 
> aggregator build that can build ecf together with everything else 
> verifying in one go that a change (e.g. migrating to newer apache 
> httpcomponents version) becomes a possibility if both parts use same 
> build system while in the current case it would be too much effort 
> which would alleviate the benefits. Last, but not least - the 
> conversion(if any?) would have to happen in the most beneficial way 
> for ecf project, so I appreciate that there is someone looking at 
> it.

This is exactly opposite to ECF's current build which is motivated by
OSGi's modularity concept. Why rebuild component/bundle A, if one of its
dependencies (B) changes? If B indeed changed in incompatible ways,
semantic versioning will tell. Otherwise, just re-aggregate and re-run
(pre-built) tests. Even Tycho can consume pre-built bundles from a (p2)

BTW in the broader OSGi community, Tycho sees less adoption compared to
bnd. Thus, why replace Buckminster with Tycho, when ECF's consumers are
primarily the OSGi community at large? Following the argument to ease
contributions by adopting the most prominent build system, ECF would
have to switch to bnd instead.