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[ecf-dev] ECF project and Tycho

Hi ecf devs,
I had a chat with Wim Jongman last week at EclipseCon Europe about the possibility of migrating ECF project to build with Tycho. It sounded like the project could be interested in such work so I'm writing here to get the discussion ongoing to check things like:
* Would such work be welcome?
* Is there any preference about the conversion? A gradual approach like starting with core bundles (framework/transport) being build first with Tycho and expanding from that point to replace the current build system sounds best to me but please comment and let's try to come up with a plan.
* Has anybody started any work on it? It's always better to not duplicate work.
* Anything that you have been looking to improve in the current build so it can be taken in account when working on the tycho build so target the end goal directly?
* whatever I missed.

Mat Booth (on cc) from my team is willing to help with getting this work done.

Any comment is welcome,

Alexander Kurtakov
Red Hat Eclipse team