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Re: [cbi-dev] Using signing webservice outside of eclipse

Hi Dennis,

Le 1 mars 2016 Ã 08:53, Dennis HÃbner <dennis.huebner@xxxxxxxxx> a Ãcrit :

Hi guys,
is it possible to use the eclipse signing webservice (tycho maven plugin) from outside of eclipse infra?

No it is not. The signing webservice run within a non routable vlan inside the infra. 

Im trying to sign our xtext maven artifacts with eclipse signature before uploading them to maven central.
I canât run the deployment build on eclipse HIPP because I canât share my maven central authentication data
and PGP signatur on a âsharedâ HIPP.

We can now configure HIPPs with the necessary GPG keys (linked to your project system account) to let you deploy to maven central from your HIPP. It is not yet widely announced / promoted but it already works for a couple of projects. 

If you're interested in this process, have a look at https://wiki.eclipse.org/Californium/Signing_Process and open a bug to ask for us to configure your HIPP to let you deploy to maven central.

Hope this helps.

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