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Re: [xtext-dev] Lexical Highlighting

Mike -

please use the TMF forum for such questions. This email address is meant for customer requests.
The bind methods in the Modules are read reflexively, so you don't have to override an existing one.


Am 02.09.2011 um 23:27 schrieb Mike Cargal:

> Ok, I have determined what I was doing wrong there. It was stupid.  I tried to add my class's to the wrong project. Makes sense. 
> Now that I have it in the correct project, I can compile my highlightingConfiguration class fine, but, in the ui project, I can't see how to bind it.  The module class in the ui project does not give me a binder to use like in the examples in 7.2.  How do I specify dependency injection in the ui project?
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