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Re: [wtp-jsf-dev] Eclipse Facelets Plugin did not work after Ganymede update..?

Hi Ralph,

Thanks for all the work you have done with the Facelets Tooling. I have not seen the problem you have mentioned, but will try with the latest build and respond.

I recommend you post such issues to the JSF newsgroup, http://www.eclipse.org/newsportal/thread.php?group=eclipse.webtools.jsf . This mailing list is for issues related to the development of the tools. We will post a response in the newsgroup.

Thanks once again for your interest in the Facelets support.
-Raghu Srinivasan
Project Lead, JSF Tools Project
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Subject: [wtp-jsf-dev] Eclipse Facelets Plugin did not work after Ganymede update..?


I have a question about the status of the Eclipse Facelets Plugin which I think is a really cool and important feature.
I have installed the Facelets Plugin as provided in this thread:

I also have written a blog how to configure the plugin some months ago.


This works for me perfect until I did some Eclipse updates.
Now it seems that the plugin did not continue to work in current Ganymede release. So the feature of Code completion in a XHTML File is lost now :-(
Did you have any idea why this plugin did not work any more? Can anybody explain how to use this Plugin? Maybe I did something wrong?

I also have created a small Eclipse Distribution with the Facelets Plugin included.
And in this Eclipse version the Plugin still works fine. But after updating eclipse the code completion in xhtml files break.

Thanks for any help