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Re: [wsvt-dev] what's the plan for wsvt?

Hi Bo,

First off, glad to hear you're interested in the WSVT project and thanks
for posting your questions. Here are some answers.

a) WSVT is currently working towards 3 major goals.
     1. Upgrading the WS-I test tools to support the WS-I Basic Profile
1.1, SSBP 1.0 and the Attachments Profile 1.0. This is ongoing work as the
profiles have not yet been finalized.
     2. Upgrading the WSDL validator to support WSDL 2.0. This is also a
work in progress as WSDL 2.0 is not final.
     3. Enhancing the SOAP monitor to allow on the fly message modification
and replaying of messages. Really, taking this tool from a monitoring tool
to a diagnostic tool.
If there are specific features you want or require please let us know and
we will see if and how they can be fit into the WSVT plan. (I see that
you've opened a few defects/enhancements. Thanks! You're welcome to provide
us with a patch as well. We'll test it and if it's good we'll commit it.)

b) WSVT is available for Eclipse. It will be ready for Eclipse 3.0 when it
     WSVT will be used in the next version of IBM's WebSphere Studio.
     WSDL validation is available as an Ant task.
     WSDL and WS-I validation and SOAP message monitoring are available as
command line tasks.
I'm not aware of other products using WSVT yet but I have heard there is
interest in using these tools.

c) I can't say why the traffic is low but we are continually looking for
ways to promote the project to increase interest. To all reading, if you
have questions/comments/concerns please post them. We won't know your
thoughts on the WSVT tools unless you tell us.

d) Can you specify what you mean by "an independent toolkit'? WSVT is an
Eclipse project but we are interested in making it as reusable as possible.
All of the WSVT tools can be run from the command line.

We can schedule a time to speak on the phone. I would like to keep general
WSVT questions in the mailing list and newsgroup as much as possible to
keep everyone informed.



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It's kind of quiet here. After playing with wsvt a little bit, I think
we've got a very good tool with a code base of quality here. However it's
still not product-ready yet. I've reported a few bugs and some enhancement

I have a few general questions here:

a) what's the plan for wsvt down the road, say, by the end of this year?

b) do we have any idea about who or which product is using wsvt?

c) why is there such low traffic here? wsvt has been mentioned a lot in
wsdl community. Buzz is there but momentum has not been generated yet, or
at least not reflected here.

d) is there any plan to make wsvt as an independent toolkit?

we're in the process of evaluation wsvt, if decided to go with it, we might
be able to commit significant resource to this project. Is there any way of
discussing all these, say by concall or something?

thanks in advance,