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[wsvt-dev] what's the plan for wsvt?

Title: what's the plan for wsvt?


It's kind of quiet here. After playing with wsvt a little bit, I think we've got a very good tool with a code base of quality here. However it's still not product-ready yet. I've reported a few bugs and some enhancement requests.

I have a few general questions here:

a) what's the plan for wsvt down the road, say, by the end of this year?

b) do we have any idea about who or which product is using wsvt?

c) why is there such low traffic here? wsvt has been mentioned a lot in wsdl community. Buzz is there but momentum has not been generated yet, or at least not reflected here.

d) is there any plan to make wsvt as an independent toolkit?

we're in the process of evaluation wsvt, if decided to go with it, we might be able to commit significant resource to this project. Is there any way of discussing all these, say by concall or something?

thanks in advance,