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Re: [vtp-dev] Editing a VTP based project in Eclipse


Thanks for replying. The problem is that I just have the .WAR file and I should just change a line of Javascript code located currently inside the process.xml file everything else is reusable as it's right now. So the question is: How should I do in order to change this line?


-------- Original Message -------- Subject: Re: [vtp-dev] Editing a VTP based project in Eclipse From: Heshan <heshanmw@xxxxxxxxx> To: francisco.morales@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Cc: Date: Lunes, 18 De Enero De 2010 15:01:44
You can export project as a new WAR file, then deploy it.

2010/1/18 Francisco Morales <francisco.morales@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:francisco.morales@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>>


    I received a *.WAR *file containing a project developed with
    Eclipse VTP ready to be deployed. Now we have to make changes on
    the call flow and scripts associated and the question is, how
    should I do to open the .WAR file with Eclipse VTP and make changes?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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