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[virgo-dev] Update par bundles from repository


I'm trying to check scenario with bundle update from repository, but it didn't work. Maybe you can help me? Maybe I'm doing something wrong...

I have 3 bundles. 2 of them uses third.

- I've prepared PAR archive with 2 bundles in it.
- Third bundle I've put in SERVER_HOME/repository/usr dir.
- The I started the server. PAR was deployed successfull. All bundles initialized.
- Then I rebuild jar, which I put in repo with new version. After that, I' changed old jar in repo with new one.

In this situation I expected that bundles from PAR will be refreshed automatically and linked with new bundle from repo, but I can't see it.

Repository settings are default:
ext.type external
chain ext,usr
usr.watchDirectory repository/usr
service.pid com.springsource.repository
ext.searchPattern repository/ext/{artifact}
usr.type watched

How to make a scenario, where my bundles would be automatically updated when repository will be updated?


P.S. Sorry for my English. I'll improve it :)