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Re: [virgo-dev] Update par bundles from repository


The repository is essentially a passive collection of artifacts. No artifact gets deployed from the repository unless something else being deployed refers to it.

For this reason, changing the contents of the repository will not cause any artifact to be redeployed or refreshed. You have to redeploy the thing which was deployed which refers to the artifact in the repository.

Sorry, but that's the way Virgo is designed...


On 14 Jan 2011, at 12:12, niibasta@xxxxxxxxx wrote:


I'm trying to check scenario with bundle update from repository, but it didn't work. Maybe you can help me? Maybe I'm doing something wrong...

I have 3 bundles. 2 of them uses third.

- I've prepared PAR archive with 2 bundles in it.
- Third bundle I've put in SERVER_HOME/repository/usr dir.
- The I started the server. PAR was deployed successfull. All bundles initialized.
- Then I rebuild jar, which I put in repo with new version. After that, I' changed old jar in repo with new one.

In this situation I expected that bundles from PAR will be refreshed automatically and linked with new bundle from repo, but I can't see it.

Repository settings are default:
ext.type external
chain ext,usr
usr.watchDirectory repository/usr
service.pid com.springsource.repository
ext.searchPattern repository/ext/{artifact}
usr.type watched

How to make a scenario, where my bundles would be automatically updated when repository will be updated?


P.S. Sorry for my English. I'll improve it :)

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