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Re: [tycho-user] Right way to user eclipse-repository for building an update site


See inline;

On 7 August 2012 08:33, Felix KÃhler (Berlin) <chakaaa@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> i've done so far building my update-site with the eclipse-update-site
> packaging type. Now i want to use the non-deprecated-way with eclipse
> repository.
> I've created a new category.xml and  changed the packing type and now i get
> a "Failed to execute goal
> org.eclipse.tycho:tycho-p2-publisher-plugin:0.15.0:publish-products
> (default-publish-products) on project ... ... Tycho build extension not
> configured for mavenProject: ... ."- Error.

Do you have a sample project that we can see?

I would make sure you have the tycho-maven-plugin in your pom with the
"extensions" option set to true. Also make sure you are not mixing
versions of Tycho.

> In the example projects there a .product-files. So i created for test also a
> .product-file and configured the dependencies. But i get the same error.

Category.xml works fine for me under the eclipse-repository packaging
type - you only need .product if you want to export an RCP

> So whats the right way to change the packing type from update-site to
> repository.
> And an other question byside.
> Whats the differnece between "-Dtycho.targetPlatform=/path/repository" and
> the maven-repository-config "<repository>/path/repository</repository>" ?
> Because if i use the maven-configuration i've got "Cannot resolve project
> dependencies"-Error for 2 of 10 projects.

The tycho.targetPlatform is typically used to point to an existing
eclipse installation where all the required plugins and features have
already been downloaded. This it a deprecated option though. By using
the repositories list you need to specify all of the p2 repositories
that contain your plugins. For example you may need to include the
indigo repository and the eclipse 3.7 updates repository to replace
the targetPlatform of a basic indigo based eclipse installation. Note
these need to be p2 repositories, not the older style update sites.
The older style update sites do not contain enough metadata for tycho
/ p2 to operate correctly.
If you are missing dependencies you will need to find a p2 repository
to add to the maven repositories list.


> Thanks
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