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[tools-dev] Project-oriented development in Eclipse

My quandry:

I have been doing development for years and maybe this is the wrong way to think about dev now, but can someone help me out...

I do development that requires me to comein in the morning and make 4 different workspaces based on builds created overnight.
where each one of the configs above are a different combination of of environmental settings: like Java SDK, Application Server (Tomcat-Spring, Websphere, Jboss, etc), (Swing, SWT) and so forth.

Right Now:
I have a .bat file that sets up the major stuff like Java_Home, all the homes and classpath, etc. Then I use a ant build file to create the bulk of the workareas above, things like lib jars, databases, new copies of application servers (don't want old app servers to hide changes or lake of changes), etc.

I've tried creating java projects from scratch and adding "environment vars" to massage the rest....doesn't work to well and is slow
I've tried running .bat file before eclipse.exe, but Eclipse seems to only take env from the system...not an option for me...I would spend most of my time in Windows changing system env vars.
I've tried making projects on existing ant build, but of course, I can't pull in the ENV vars for the build.xml to work right.

Is there a new way of handling this in Eclipse?
Or is there a way to make Eclipse run a .bat to get basic defns. like workarea, and product config?
AND For any solution to above, I need to disseminate to other product code monkeys?
AND For any solution to above, I will also need to still be able to run products from commandline (ie. the .bat and build.xml still need to 'work' from commandline)

I get nervous when my junior developers tell me they have an IDE working for our projects. It normally means by miracle it works and they have no idea how or why it works and/or what to check into CVS, and SVN so others can use. ; )

Thanks for help on this.

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