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[tools-dev] CVS problem: unable to Team -> Share Project...

Under both versions 2.1.1 and 3.0M4 of Eclipse, I am unable to use the "Team -> Share Project..." wizard to import new files into a CVS repository. I always get a "Remote Project Exists" dialog error, even though the module name/directory name does not exist on the CVS server.

I've been a bit stubborn about tracking down this problem, and managed to get Eclipse running under the debugger in Eclipse, and I think I have narrowed down this problem.

Evidently, the SharingWizard checks to see if the ICVSRemoteFolder ("JanesTeamProject", for example) exists. On my setup, exists always returns true, even if the folder does not exist in the cvs repository. Exists is looking for a DOES_NOT_EXIST CVSStatus. This is set when the appropriate cvs server error response is received (e.g., "skipping directory"). The cvs server error responses appear to be parsed by UpdateListener, who calls getServerMessage to aid in parsing the cvs server error responses. getServerMessage uses the SERVER_PREFIX constant to remove the prefix on the cvs server error responses.

This is where I believe there may be a problem.

Some sort of "cvs update" is performed to check for the existence of the directory in the CVS repository. On my setup, here is the CVS response that is received when performing this cvs update on a directory which does not exist:

E cvs update: Updating .
E cvs update: cannot open directory /usr/local/cvsroot/PetersTeamProject: No such file or directory
E cvs update: skipping directory

The UpdateListener does not throw a DOES_NOT_EXIST exception, even though it should. This is because getServerMessage is returning null, since SERVER_PREFIX is "server: ", so none of the error lines above are being properly parsed, detected, and handled.

Actually, that's not really true. The ERROR_LINE status is returned, but exists returns true anyway, which is arguably a bug in itself (silent failure).

Looking at the CVS source (error.c), it looks like all error messages are of the form "cvs ${command_name}: ${error_text}". So, I'm confused why the getServerMessage() method is looking for CVS error lines of the form "cvs server: ".

Did the text of CVS server error messages change at some point? I'm using cvs-1.11.9.

Here is my setup:

OS X 10.2.8

Sorry if I'm way off track with all of this. If this is not an Eclipse bug, I'd appreciate any help/advice.