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[tools-dev] Eclipse and CVS

Good Afternoon,
New to the list, so please let me know if these question whould be posed to one of the other Eclipse groups:
We had been running Eclipse 2.1.1 with cvs-1.11. 
All checkouts, updates, branching, etc., worked. 
We then updated to cvs-1.11.9. 
Nothing worked.  Finding out why in the Eclipse FAQ,  we updated the cvs.jar.  That allowed us to again see the HEAD view of our repository within cvs.
But, branching, co and even updates still failed. 
We then reverted back to cvs-1.11 and all worked well. 
So the questions are:
Is this cvs.jar fix supposed to solve all the problem(s) with Eclipse2.1.1 and cvs versions 1.11.7 and higher?
Is there an Eclipse release out or planned soon that will allow us to use an updated cvs server?
We now are getting an "I/O has been interrupted" error from Eclipse.  It only occurs when branching is attempted.  I have searched your site and found nothing related to this. 
The error detail states that there is a cvs communications timeout and that either a team.cvs preference or a Team/CVS/EXT needs to be tweaked.  Now, I know nothing changed in Eclipse,  but nothing changed in the actual cvs server either.  The repository?   Perhaps.  So, could we be hanging on a file somehow?  I would think that would get reported, but since we see nothing like that, I am having the developers turn on the cvs error logging through Eclipse.  Until they get that going - probably not until tomorrow, I am wondering if there might be any ideas?
Thank you.

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