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RE: [tigerstripe-dev] Today's minutes

Title: Re: [tigerstripe-dev] Today's minutes
OK - Give me two weeks and when I've done I'll just disappear :-)

From: Eric Dillon (erdillon)
Sent: 24 March 2009 15:47
To: Tigerstripe Developers; Richard Craddock (rcraddoc)
Subject: Re: [tigerstripe-dev] Today's minutes

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the analysis. I’d be tempted to add a bit of padding on the 1man-week effort though:-)... Like a few extra days for diagrams only.
I’m a bit afraid of the class diagrams (parsers for labels, properties views, backward compatibility, migration of existing diagrams?).
I think the Instance Diagrams changes would be fairly localized.


On 3/24/09 7:54 AM, "Richard Craddock (rcraddoc)" <rcraddoc@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Eric a brief write up on Multiplicity.

I think a bit of a change of approach from what we do today would make most sense.

I think about 1 man week of effort all told, when we factor in all of the tests that need re-writing.


From: tigerstripe-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:tigerstripe-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Eric Dillon (erdillon)
Sent: 23 March 2009 17:36
To: Tigerstripe Developers
Subject: [tigerstripe-dev] Today's minutes

Hi All,

Here are my notes for the call today. Feedback if I’m missing something.




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