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Re: [technology-pmc] Subversive release review request

Hi Wayne, Gunnar, Chris and other Technology PMC members,


Thanks for your votes. Let me explain the licensing issue for you, so maybe there is a chance of publishing 1.0 release (project graduation) before or together with Juno. When we passed the initial legal review the following point was indentified as a blocker for graduation.


The Subversive project consists of:

- Subversive module (distributed from Eclipse)

- SVN library connectors JavaHL and SVNKit (distributed from external location)


SVNKit is EPL-incompatible. JavaHL includes Neon library that is EPL-incompatible, so JavaHL was declared EPL-incompatible too. Of course, without SVN libraries Subversive can't work with SVN repositories, so both SVNKit and JavaHL were declared as "works with" dependencies that should be distributed from an external location. Few years ago when we discussed Subversive plans with Mike, Bjorn and the legal team the verdict was - "the project can't be graduated (and included into Eclipse distribution)" until legal issues will be resolved.


Please consider this again. Can we request the project graduation and 1.0 release now instead of releasing 0.8 version? What do you think?


Best regards,

Igor Vinnykov


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Hi Igor

+1 on engaging with a 0.8 release now, followed by a 1.0/graduation with Juno.

I am not aware of any restriction against Subversive graduating with works-with dependencies on SVN implementations. Perhaps there has been a miscommunication. Can you point me to discussion of this?

Other thoughts:

We have several projects that release with with minor versions > 9. EGit and JGit are examples. The project summary pages sort releases numerically--not lexigraphically--so sorting there isn't a problem.

If you're changing APIs, or adding significant new functionality, you have to do a proper release with (at least) an increased minor version.



On 04/19/2012 12:45 PM, Igor Vinnykov wrote:

Hello PMC Team,


The Subversive project team would like to request a project release review according with Eclipse guidelines. We are looking for your suggestions regarding the release and your approval to submit documentation to EMO. We plan to include the new release to the Juno Simultaneous release.


Let me share with you reasons why we decided to make the release now:

1. We need to change Subversive integration API, because the project need to provide support of SVN 1.7. We need to create the new version with the new API.

2. We simply out of version numbers. The latest release was 0.7.9 and from our previous experience the update component doesn't work correctly when the release number, i.e. 0.7.10 in our case, is "lower" from strings comparation point of view. Maybe it isn't the case, not, but it's better to avoid such kind of problems.

3. This release was planned a long time ago. SVN team planned to replace EPL-incompatible libraries in the SVN 1.7 release, that should make all Subversive components EPL-compatible, so we expected to make a project graduation and release version 1.0 once SVN 1.7 become available. But SVN team decided to postpone libraries replacement to version 1.8 and we have to wait again.


Also the project is on Eclipse for a long time and it can be really considered as "mature". The only problem that prevents the graduation is Subversive's dependency on non-EPL compatible libraries. The EPL compatibility issue was discussed few years ago and I'm wondering maybe something was changed recently and it's not a problem for project's graduation anymore. I would like to ask your recommendation - should we make a new release as 0.8 and keep the project in incubation or can be able to graduate the project and make 1.0 release?


If someone requires details about EPL-compatibility issue I will be glad to explain it as well as other topics regarding Subversive.


Best regards,

Igor Vinnykov

Subversive Team



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