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Re: [tcf-dev] Symbols service and variables view documentation

Hi Kalle,
Elements of the Variables view are implemented as expressions that are evaluated by the agent.
Expressions.getChildren command is used to retrieve list of _expression_ IDs that represent local variables in a stack frame.
Docs in HTML format are not available yet for some of the services. For those you can use JavaDoc-style description in corresponding Java interface declarations:
Expressions service: http://git.eclipse.org/c/tcf/org.eclipse.tcf.git/tree/plugins/org.eclipse.tcf.core/src/org/eclipse/tcf/services/IExpressions.java
Symbols service: http://git.eclipse.org/c/tcf/org.eclipse.tcf.git/tree/plugins/org.eclipse.tcf.core/src/org/eclipse/tcf/services/ISymbols.java

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I’m trying to use TCF to connect our packet processor debugger/simulator to Eclipse. I have managed to get parts of it working (like breakpoints, single stepping and the Registers view) but I’m struggling with the Variables view.

The documentation that I have found about of the services (http://git.eclipse.org/c/tcf/org.eclipse.tcf.git/plain/docs/TCF%20Services.html) seems to omit to describe the Symbols service for instance. Does it exist documentation somewhere else which is more complete?

Since I get nothing at all in the Variables view and I see no request for variable info in the TCF trace I wonder if anyone can give me a hint about what triggers the request for variable info?


All help is appreciated!


/Kalle H.