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Re: [swtbot-dev] SWTBot release engineering

The build scripts don't use too much of the crappy eclipse way of building stuff :) I work out of a plane on quite a few occasions and map files which check out of a repository is the last thing I need!

There's a readme file in the releng dir that documents what you need to do to build swtbot. The cruise instance that we use to build swtbot is an internal server.

Eclipse build systems are a PITA, there are no plans to move to Athena or anything else that's remotely eclipse, if at all I'd like to simplify it and use plain old ant :)

Hope that helps :)

-- Ketan

On 3/1/10 2:04 PM, Mickael Istria wrote:

I am taking a look at how SWTBot is built in order to evaluate the
difficulty to change some dependencies (such as the old junit4 bundle).
I see that there is a .releng folder, but it seems that it is a build
configured for Cruise Control. Is this Cruise Control publicly available
I also noticed that there is no map file, nor customTargets.xml and so
on. This does not seem a common way to build bundles. Are there any plan
to move to Athena CBI builder and to host builds in Hudson?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Mickael Istria
R&D Engineer
BonitaSoft - Open your processes <http://www.bonitasoft.com> 	
email : mickael.istria@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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