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SV: [subversive-dev] Revision Graph

Interesting. Very!


But when I opened Revision Graph for a random file, it traverses *all* revisions on our server. We are close to 100.000 revisions at present.


Obviously, it takes a fair bit of time (64.000 revisions to go at the moment), so I am not sure I actually get to *see* the result for another hour or so.


Is it not possible to make a log on the resource in question, and then poll SVN for the specific revisions that have been involved?


If not, I hope the plugin at least caches the result, or I am pretty sure it is unusable for us… L






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Sendt: 20. april 2010 12:19
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Emne: [subversive-dev] Revision Graph


Dear Subversive Users,

We are glad to announce that there was added Revision Graph which allows to view in a graphical way the history of the resource including copies, e.g. trunk, branches and tags. You can call revision graph from 'Show Revision Graph' action. It was added in 0.7.8.I20100419-1900 version. Currently it's available only from weekly build: http://download.eclipse.org/technology/subversive/0.7/weekly-site/.

Best Regards,
Subversive Team