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[stp-pmc] Time to run the STP termination review

Several months ago, I indicated an April 25/2012 date for the final termination review of STP. A few weeks ago, I added it to the schedule.

I have assembled the termination documentation. This documentation includes the move of the intermediate model (IM) to eBPM. In the absence of input from anybody else, the rest of STP will be archived.

I have updated some project metadata, and have pruned through the remaining bugs for contributions so that I can actually generate the final IP Log. I will be submitting this for review later today.

The last opportunity to speak up actually passed some time ago. But, if there is something that needs to be changed, you'd better speak up now.

I intend to aggressively complete the tasks outlined in the review document immediately following the review.



[1] http://wiki.eclipse.org/STP/Termination_Review
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