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[stem-dev] Notes from today's STEM community call

STEM Community Call June 28, 2012

On Call: Jamie, Stefan, Matt, Kun, Daniel, Matthias, Chris, Werner, Judy


0. Added item: Latest news on Eclipse platform

Two new releases 4.2 and 3.8 yesterday; both work; 4.2 has many changes in UI, affects look on Mac; Stefan and Matt will explore this, also Eclipse plans for 3.x path vs 4.2 path; Chris is using 3.7


1. 1.4.0 Release Plan  (tentative 9/25/2012)  
    Need milestone build around 6/1 and/or monthly
        Need to update plan page (and title)
    Bug fixes from 1.3.1
    Performance improvements
    Simplified creation of new Disease and Population models (tools for generating new disease plugins)
    Pajek-file Importer  
         Enable import of discrete transportation events
         Enable integration between user graphs and existing STEM graphs
    New MapView to visualize the discrete transportation events and the ability to display multiple views of the same simulation
    Polio Example
    Stochastic Modeling Framework
    Ability to delete Items inside a graph from Designer Perspective
    Deep copy drag and drop for models
    Create new mixing edges
    Improved UI for decorators view
    New implementation of STEM preferences  
2. NEW DOC FOR 1.4.0
 * Wiki practice
 * Mixing edges and mixing edge graph generator (DONE) integrated in transportation models page (done). Posted on newsgroup
 * Map view features    
 * Pajak import tutorial
 * Best practice for developers, writing performance critical components in STEM (done)
 * Additional doc for more realistic food SCENARIO doc is done but not in wiki yet

 * Need better top level food modeling doc (draft created)
3. Eclipse Preferences (update)

Daniel’s changes allow system to remember user preferences and eliminate need to re-enter

4. Food production discussion. Next Step, cross correlation functions using simple toy model for testing

Jamie: Downloaded data on bean sprouts, playing w/ lattice, gravity model to see whether can tie probability to outbreak patterns

Matthias: Know amount food product sold in retail place on an aggregated scale @ postal code level, w/ populations #s know eg how much milk/person in an area; difficulty occurs when disease is also spread by person to person contact

Chris: Has post on prevalence disease model on stem-dev

5. ISVEE2012 poster: Jamie will work on content after July 4; Matthias will print out for Jamie in Germany

6. Dengue and (possible) bug in NOA Climate data

Stefan & Matt: Have new climate data

Jamie: Will send note to NOA about possible bug

7. BUGs of the week: #  https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=327159    

Tie Disease Parameter Modifications to Specific Locations (fix based on control labels): Discussion deferred at Chris’s request



Jamie: Two articles close to being published; awaiting response to revisions

Chris: Completed tutorial for Pajek importer; will send links to documentation to Judy in a couple of days

Judy: Will do agenda for call week after July 4th, but will miss the call

Werner: Will post item on locationtech, Eclipse working group, on newsgroup

Stefan: Will discuss geographic data w/ Jamie

Kun: Working on new polio model; complex due to interactions between OPD and IPD (live and inactive) vaccines

Jamie & Almaden team: Will list possible talks, etc, for meeting @ BfR for Matthias’ input

Jamie/Matthias: Need to clarify plans w/ IBM Zurich