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[stem-dev] Air transport for world checked in

You need to run the ant script update.xml under org.eclipse.ohf.stem.internal.data.geography.infrastructure.transportation to build the models.

The air transportation edges won't show up on the map when you select from the drop down. I narrowed down the problem to the XXX_centers.properties files under org.eclipse.ohf.stem.data.geography/org.eclipse.ohf.stem.data.geography.centers. Some files are missing the center for level 0. For instance, I built a model for scandinavia and none of denmark, sweden, norway or finland had the level 0 center. It's required to draw the air transport edges. Jamie, I think you generate these files, is it an easy fix?

Here is the the (now patched) file where I got the original data from:
(See attached file: InternationalAirNewlyProcessed_all.csv)

There's a utility that reads this file and generates the .properties file used by the ant script.

Finally, some assumptions we might need to look into:

Assume level 2 is county, level 1 is state and level 0 is country

If we have admin level 2 data for a region in the file above, these are the rules:

If we only have admin level 1 data for a region in the file above, these are the rules:
If we only have admin 0 data for a region above, the rule is:
The motivation being if we have less data (fewer airports) it's likely it's a small country and most flights are international.
/ Stefan

Stefan Edlund
Public Health and Computer Science Research
IBM Almaden Research Center
(408) 927-1766 edlund@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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