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Re: [smila-user] Metadata in Pipelets not associated with Records


thanks so far for your help. :)

On 02/03/2012 10:04 AM, Jürgen Schumacher wrote:
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Finally, I have code which can monitor the status of the processing job
given an id which is returned when triggering this processing (e.g. from
the above mentioned pipelet). Again, the pipelet triggering the
processing would need to store this id somewhere from which the
monitoring code could access it. Is it possible at all to build
something like: "Monitor status and if status is 'finished', trigger
workflow X with record set Y"? Or is SMILA simply not designed for this?

No, there is nothing yet in SMILA that could do this monitoring for you and trigger the workflow, so you will have to do it from outside. Is the trigger pipelet invoked in a pipeline called from outside? Then it could store the id to watch in a result record so that the caller could read it and use it for monitoring. If it's invoked inside an asynchronous workflow, it would have to store it somewhere else (a small database?) that the monitoring code can access, too.

Well, it depends, it could be useful for both cases. For at least one pipeline I'd like to realize it would be possible to be invoked using the REST API. For now I'll proceed with it being called via REST.
Do the timeouts also apply there or can a pipeline invoked from REST take as long as it needs?


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