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[sapphire-dev] diagram floating palette question

Hey guys,

I just synced and see the new floating palette (very nice!).  However, I see some issues with the floating palette and the action handler factories that I have added to a particular node.  See this screenshot:

  Inline image 2

You can see that I have 3 action handler factories, one for Sapphire.Add, and two for Sapphire.Edit (that I have added in my sapphire-extension.xml).  Sometimes these nodes action handler factories have sub menus, but I don't see these on the floating palette. It just seems to execute the first action from the sub menu.

Any thoughts? 

Greg Amerson
Liferay, Inc.
17 May 2012 | Liferay Budapest Symposium | liferay.com/budapest2012
23 May 2012 | Liferay France Symposium | liferay.com/france2012