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Re: [rt-pmc] jetty and the release train

Hi Jesse

One reason Virgo joined the Juno release train was to enable it to participate in the Eclipse Long Term Support programme.


On 29 Jun 2012, at 14:04, Jesse McConnell wrote:

> After participating on the release train for the last couple of
> releases we are contemplating leaving it from here on out.  The effort
> in actually being on it doesn't seem to really pay off in any way so
> we are left asking ourselves why we put the effort into it.  It is not
> like we contribute UI elements really, nor is there much community
> interest in polishing the jetty wtp plugin and contributing that to
> the release train.  There are some StarterKit thing that Jeff McAffer
> and Hugues worked on but I certainly haven't seen much in the way of
> interest in that, certainly not in terms of being on the release
> train.  Since we have gone through the effort in producing the p2
> repositorieswe have now (though I personally question their value vs
> effort as well) and we have a handful of people that seem to use them
> we will continue producing those which equinox should be able to
> consume from for their release train.
> Now this isn't a final decision on our part, I am just mentioning this
> since Juno is finally out and to solicit feedback on the potential
> decision.  Maybe there is some use case that we are not familiar with
> that makes being on the release train compelling, but right now we
> just don't see it.
> cheers,
> jesse
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