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Re: [rdf4j-dev] Any opinion about either RDF4J vs Jena within hadoop?

On 17/5/18 08:21, Jacek Grzebyta wrote:

I am trying to compare usefulness 3 rdf triple stores within Hadoop environment.

I found that:
1. CumulusRDF is dead for now.
2. virtuoso OS is not a player in that place.
3. Jena delivers support for hadoop features. Especially (reduce (map )) one.
ÂÂÂÂ But I have some objections to the local jena: fragility to bnodes in the dataset, slow complex queries processing. I do not know if that was solved.

What about rdf4j?
There's no explicit support in the rdf4j core, but there's Halyard (https://github.com/Merck/Halyard), which is an RDF4J-compatible triplestore on top of Hbase.

Rather incredibly they're on release 1.4, and I only just found out about them a couple of weeks ago. I've been meaning to give it a spin. If you're going to test it out, I'd appreciate you sharing your findings here!