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Re: [ptp-user] PTP and modules

On Wednesday, May 02, 2012 11:19:33 Christoph Pospiech wrote:
> 1. When executing all four commands as above, I am getting the following.
> di69job@i01r12s30:~> cat output.txt
> bash: module: command not found
> bash: module: command not found
> bash: module: command not found
> when I leave the bash and return to the bash that was started at login, 
> "module help" produces an expected output, but the "module -t ..." produce
> the  strange error message 'ERROR: invalid command name "Jan."'
> So I did the following command.
> echo "repeating the commands without option -t" >> output.txt
> And then repeated "module list" and "module avail" without the -t option.
> I am attaching the resulting file below.
> Does this help ?
> I will repeat the same on the first system ("jugene") and add another post 
> about that soon.

On "jugene", the extra "bash" had no adverse effect, but the rest was just the 

Again, I am appending the output.txt file from this experiment.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards

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Modules Release Tcl 3.1.6 ($RCSfile: modulecmd.tcl,v $ $Revision: 1.121 $)
	Copyright GNU GPL v2 1991
Usage: module [ command ]
	list                     [switches] modulefile [modulefile ...]
	display  |  show                    modulefile [modulefile ...]
	add  |  load                        modulefile [modulefile ...]
	purge  |  rm  |  unload             modulefile [modulefile ...]
	reload                              modulefile [modulefile ...]
	switch  |  swap                     [oldmodulefile] newmodulefile
	avail                    [switches] [modulefile [modulefile ...]]
	whatis                              [modulefile [modulefile ...]]
	help                                [modulefile [modulefile ...]]
	path                                modulefile
	paths                               modulefile
	initlist                            modulefile
	initadd                             modulefile
	initrm                              modulefile
	initclear                           modulefile
	initprepend                         modulefile
	use                                 dir [dir ...]
	unuse                               dir [dir ...]
	source                              scriptfile
	apropos  |  keyword  | search       string
	-t		terse format avail and list
	-l		long format avail and list
ERROR: invalid command name "Jan."
ERROR: invalid command name "Jan."
repeating the commands without option -t
Currently Loaded Modulefiles:
------------ /bgsys/local/modulefiles/TOOLS ------------ 
------------ /bgsys/local/modulefiles/SCIENTIFIC ------------ 
gpaw-setup/0.5.3574         namd/2.7(default)           
gpaw-setup/0.6.6300         namd/2.7b1                  
gpaw/0.6.4946(default)      namd/2.8                    
gpaw/0.7.2                  tremolo/v1.6-basic(default) 
------------ /bgsys/local/modulefiles/MISC ------------ 
------------ /bgsys/local/modulefiles/MATH ------------ 
arpack/2.1(default)           mumps/4.7.3_g                 
arpack/2.1_450d               mumps/4.8.1(default)          
arpack/2.1_g                  mumps/4.8.1_450d              
blacs/1.1(default)            mumps/4.9.2                   
blacs/1.1_450d                mumps/4.9.2_450d              
blacs/1.1_g                   mumps/4.9.2_g                 
fftw/3.1.2                    parmetis/3.1(default)         
fftw/3.2.2                    parmetis/3.1_450d             
fftw/3.2.2_450d               parmetis/3.1_g                
fftw/3.3                      parmetis/3.2.0                
fftw/bglfftwgel-2.1.5-openmp  parmetis/3.2.0_450d           
fftw/v2.1.5                   parmetis/3.2.0_g              
fftw/v2.1.5_450d              petsc/2.3.3_O0g               
gmp/4.2                       petsc/2.3.3_O3                
gmp/5.0.1(default)            petsc/2.3.3_O3g               
gsl/1.11                      petsc/2.3.3_complex_O3g       
gsl/1.11_g                    petsc/3.1-p2_basic_450d       
gsl/1.13                      petsc/3.1-p2_basic_O3         
gsl/1.13_g                    petsc/3.1-p2_basic_Og         
gsl/1.14(default)             petsc/3.1-p2_basic_complex_O3 
gsl/1.14_450d                 petsc/3.2-p6_basic_O3         
gsl/1.14_g                    scalapack/1.8                 
hypre/2.0(default)            scalapack/1.8_450d            
hypre/2.0_450d                scalapack/1.8_g               
hypre/2.0_g                   scalapack/1.8_sca             
hypre/2.6.0b                  scalapack/2.0.1               
hypre/2.6.0b_450d             scalapack/2.0.1_450d          
hypre/2.6.0b_g                sprng/1.0                     
lapack/3.0                    sprng/1.0_450d                
lapack/3.0_450d               sprng/1.0_g                   
lapack/3.0_g                  sprng/2.0(default)            
lapack/3.3.0                  sprng/2.0_450d                
lapack/3.3.0_450d             sprng/2.0_g                   
mumps/4.10.0                  sundials/2.3.0(default)       
mumps/4.10.0_450d             sundials/2.3.0_450d           
mumps/4.10.0_g                sundials/2.3.0_g              
mumps/4.7.3                   sundials/2.4.0                
mumps/4.7.3_450d              sundials/2.4.0_g              
------------ /bgsys/local/modulefiles/IO ------------ 
------------ /bgsys/local/modulefiles/COMPILER ------------ 
gcc/4.3.2(default) xlf/11.1           
------------ /usr/local/modulefiles/COMPILER ------------ 
bison/2.3            cmake/2.8.1(default) 
------------ /usr/local/modulefiles/MATH ------------ 
fftw/3.1.2-front       fftw/3.1.2_float-front numpy/1.2.1(default)   
------------ /usr/local/modulefiles/SCIENTIFIC ------------ 
gromacs/4.0.7(default)  gromacs/4.5.3           lammps/09Nov11          
gromacs/4.0b            lammps/07Dec10(default) 
------------ /usr/local/modulefiles/IO ------------ 
hdf5/1.8.4_450(default) sionlib/1.1.9           sionlib/1.3.2           
hdf5/1.8.4_450d         sionlib/1.2.2(default)  sionlib/1.3.2a          
hdf5/1.8.4_ppc          sionlib/1.3.1           sionlib/1.3.4           
------------ /usr/local/modulefiles/TOOLS ------------ 
UNITE/1.1/1.0             lroot/1.1                 subversion/1.5.5(default) 
doxygen/1.5.7             ltools/1.1                subversion/1.6.5          
git/               scalasca/deprecated       
ihpct/2.2.2               subversion/1.5.1          
------------ /usr/local/modulefiles/MISC ------------ 
deisa        qt/4.6.2-32  qt/4.6.2-64  tex/pgf-2.00