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Re: [ptp-dev] PTP development environment for latest Juno release

Hi David,

Perhaps you could check
http://wiki.eclipse.org/PTP/environment_setup_60 as well.


On Wed, 27 Jun
2012 13:23:59 -0600 "David A. Alexander" <alexanda@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> My plugin stop working when installed into the latest Juno Release of
> PTP.  I am guessing that I need to rebuild my plugin with a 4.2
> development environment.  Last time I created my development
> environment, I followed the Photran instructions at
> http://www.eclipse.org/photran/contributorinfo.php.  Are these still
> valid with starting with the Classic 4.2 download or should I use the
> 4.x Stream Downloads?
> Thanks,
> David A. Alexander
> Tech-X Corporation