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[provisioning-dev] Maya contribution available in CVS, getting started guide available

FYI: Cross posting from <eclipse.technology.maya> Newsgroup
Hello everyone!

Sorry for the lack of activity in the newsgroup as of late, we've been working furiously to have the contribution available in the Eclipse repository as well as wrapping up example plugins that allow Maya to be tried out without having to understand the internals.  In addition, you will now see that the http://www.eclipse.org/maya site is up and functioning.

To try out Maya, follow the Getting Started link.  We will continue to update the site with additional information including more details as to the function of each plugin.  The architecture wiki page contains some details on the plugins though while finalizing the contribution we did end up changing some of the plugin names to better represent the given functions.

Maya's web site : http://www.eclipse.org/maya
Trying out Maya : http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/Trying_Out_Maya

Next week we will be setting up in EclipseZilla the larger known work activities that need to be performed on the contribution to further prepare it for consumption.  In addition, we are planning to have another conference call within the next week or so to go over the contribution in more detail as well as engage some more on the actual work on the project.

Thanks for everyone's patience and support in achieving this milestone!