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Re: [platform-team-dev] Re: Team API


sorry for the late answer.

Does that mean that there won't be an API to access the repository log
(like cvs log)?
We do not currently have a plan for this but if you are interested in an API, we are willing to discuss it. What are your requirements for such an API? What type of information are you looking for? How do you envision accessing it (from a clients perspective)?

There is currently a trend to mine information from software repositories. See for example the workshop at ICSE
Also it seems that many of those tools will be integrated with the IDE.

I personally have an interest in analyzing the log information of a CVS repository.
What I currently do is:
- Run "cvs log > cvslog" in the project directory. This gives me the complete log of all files in the system.
- Use some classes of http://statcvs.sf.net/ to read the log file and build the data structures representing individual files and their revisions.

http://javacvs.netbeans.org/ would provide a way to directly access the log and work on the repository. I was using this lib in Eclipse for a while but I couldn't connect it to the authentication information towards the CVS which is stored in Eclipse. Maybe I just didn't try hard enough.

My proposal is to either
- provide an API similar to the netbeans solution or
- make the authentication information available. Maybe you can connect to the investigated security model http://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=37692

I would be happy to show you what I do exactly if you come to the poster gallery at EclipseCon looking for "Process assessment with Eclipse
for Test-Driven Development".

Best regards,
Chris Wege