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[platform-swt-dev] Auto scrolling for the ScrolledComposite

In the eRCP project we implement a subset of the SWT in the eSWT component for mobile devices. As part of that, we would like to include the ScrolledComposite in eSWT as well, but eSWT should be convenient to use without a pointing device and with one hand (a typical mobile phone). The current implementation of ScrolledComposite works fine on most cases for mobile devices, but if the focus changes to a control that is not visible(via tabs on desktop or navi key on mobile) ScrolledComposite does not scroll to reveal the focused control. For eSWT we had implemented auto scrolling feature as part of our demo application and now, due to its popularity, we would like to take ScrolledComposite into eSWT . Of course with the auto scrolling. In order to keep the compatability. we would like to contribute this feature into SWT.

I would like to get SWT team's opinion on this feature that is very important for eSWT.