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Re: [platform-swt-dev] SWT FormLayout - problem with FormAttachment

The offset is ignored for CENTER alignment.
This is what the spec says:
         *    <li>CENTER: Attach the side at a position which will center the control on the specified control.</li>

If you think that adding the feature would be generally useful, please open a feature request in Bugzilla against eclipse-platform-swt.
Please describe your use case, and try to think of other ways you might accomplish the same thing... it may be that the layout you desire can be accomplished more easily by using a GridLayout or some other arrangement of Layout(s) and Composite(s).


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07/06/2006 08:30 AM

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"Eclipse Platform SWT component developers list." <platform-swt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
[platform-swt-dev] SWT FormLayout - problem with FormAttachment


I've got problem with FormAttachment offset for center alignment

When I try to use 'e.g. new FormAttachment(control, -100, SWT.CENTER)'
then offset doesn't work.

I've read few articles and I didn't found any solution or information.

On eclipse.platform.swt nobody answer me

Any help?

Thanks & Regards,

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