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[platform-swt-dev] Decorations vs. Shell

What is the difference between Decorations and Shell widgets? The Decorations doc says that it provides the behavior of Shells and suggests that it just can't be a top level shell. If I create a Decorations widget parented off a top level shell it behaves different, on Windows, than a Shell parented off a Shell. The Decorations "shell" can not be moved outside the parent shell. The child Shell on the other hand behaves just like a top level shell with regard to sizing and positioning.
Is the Decorations size/location behavior one of the intended differences between a Shell or is this just platform behavior and it may vary? It seems the latter is true since it is not documented.

I saw earlier comments how the Decorations class was supposed to be abstract and originally not intended to be instantiated. What was the rationale to create a top-level "shell" kind of class instead of implementing all API directly in the Shell class?