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Re: [platform-swt-dev] Suggest to add a new widget in SWT

Is this a case of reinventing the wheel?
@see org.eclipse.swt.widgets.ScrolledComposite

As far as "overview" window, I'd be curious to know what you are doing.  It sounds graphical in nature, and it also sounds like it might not work on some platforms.  If you are taking a screen-capture of the control which is being scrolled, then that control's children may not paint correctly if they are clippsed by the parent's client area.

GEF provides scrolling calculatings, coordinate transformation, and an overview window.  See the GEF homepage on eclipse.org.


"Eric Miravete" <eric.miravete@xxxxxxxxxx>
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02/24/2004 03:40 AM
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I don't know
java.awt.ScrollPane but my suggestion is to have the same thing
in SWT. I will post a request in Bugzilla.

Our widget provides some friendly services as followings:

- shows automatically  scrollbars when they are necessary.

- translates mouse coordinates in content are.

- opens an overview popup window with a button at the right, bottom corner.

 to accelerate scrolling on very large content area.

- should be derived to specialize paint, mouse, keyboard event handlers.



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David Whiteman <dlwhiteman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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23/02/2004 15:15
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Monday, February 23, 2004, 6:15:26 AM, Eric Miravete wrote:

> I work in IBM/Rational. My team makes plugins under Eclipse 3.0. We
> developped a new SWT widget named Scrollview. This widget provides a
> scrolling area with on-demand scroll bars to show large content in a view.
> This object provides protected method to dispatch paint, mouse and
> keyboard events directly in content coordinates. We suggest for the
> community to add this object in a future SWT's release. It is very useful
> to create new scrolling area and you can activate "overview" functionality
> to accelerate scrolling on a very large content.

> A tiny documentation and the source code is attached with this email.

> Eric.

Sounds something like java.awt.ScrollPane.  What services does it
provide over using a Composite widget with its built-in scrollbars?

If you have a widget or other code you would like to contribute, the
best thing would be to create a feature request in Bugzilla and attach
your code, docs, etc. to it.


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