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RE: [platform-swt-dev] Application Freezing -> any idea?

freeze -> hang forever and never comes back.
I kill it, and all other java application crashes.
Actually, it looks like a deadlock...Maybe I should explore this way...
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What is a "freeze"? Does it ever come back or hang forever? You could experiment with the IBM VM to see if the problem went away but I don't know of any VM specific issues for SWT.

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Hi All,
I experiements many "freezes"  with a Java application. (done with Java, Thread, SWT, JNI ).
But unfortunatly, I dont get any exception messages.
I am using the SUN JDK (1.4.2_01, then, 1.4.2_03). Is swt fully compatible with the SUN JVM, or should I use the IBM one ?!
Since I get no exception, I dont have any clue to find bugs, do you have any idea to trace or bebug it?
Sylvain Becker