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RE: [platform-swt-dev] SDI in SWT possible ?

FWIW, I'm not a big fan of MDI myself. In the MDI apps I've used, the icons keep getting lost under the MDI sub-windows so I don't find them useful. I like the way SWT paned/tabbed/folder windows work now, so if you were asking for votes on priorities of SWT development I'd vote -1 for MDI.

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> Subject: RE: [platform-swt-dev] SDI in SWT possible ?
> An MDI implementation of a UI consists of parent windows that 
> can control
> several subwindows. The subwindows could be moved/resized 
> freely (as in
> pixel-by-pixel dragging) within the parent window, and possibly
> docked/maximized/minimized within the parent window. The child windows
> typically could not be moved outside the parent window (if 
> they could be
> moved out, the app is a hybrid of MDI and SDI...)
> Note that this might sound like Eclipse, but it's not. 
> Eclipse is an SDI app
> with "pages" and "panes" inside windows. You cannot drag the 
> "panes" like
> child windows.
> The parent window _could_ use tabs to organize "maximized" 
> subwindows, but
> that's really a matter of desktop/window management...
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