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Re: [platform-swt-dev] OS X version, now and future

*sigh*. Ok, I guess I'll have to make it work too. :-)


Andre Weinand <weinand@xxxxxxx>
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07/11/2002 01:01 PM
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>Andre: I realize I should have tried this already, but can you run
>Eclipse from within Eclipse on the current drop?

Of course, I'm running and debugging Eclipse from within Eclipse.
(I'm using my Win2k box only for reading Notus Lotes and heating my office...)

I have SWT and SWT Examples in source, and all the other plugins as binary.
I'm populating my workspace with PDE.
Because I have SWT in source I've modified my Ant script (for
building the dll) so that it exports the dll into the
org.eclipse.swt.carbon fragment.
Everything seems to work, even conditional breakpoints etc.

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