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Re: [platform-swt-dev] Mac OS X Port

(meta-note: I've been ill for the last few days and am catching up on the mailing list.)

We're not big fans of building in extra layers just to increase some abstract notion of portability. If there is an efficient, stable, java binding to the platform widgets already, I'd say that's probably the way to go. The only argument for having your own internal abstraction would be because that allowed you to have faster access to the real native widgets. I haven't seen the cocoa binding yet, and I don't know much about it. I do know that sometimes these kinds of packages are more general purpose than they need to be, and that this *sometimes* leads to them being less efficient.


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11/12/2001 01:05 PM

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I don't think that a org.eclipse.swt.internal package at all.  Apple has
done all that for us in com.apple.cocoa.application &
com.apple.cocoa.foundation.  Since all of Cocoa is available to us as Java
classes, no native code needs to be written.

However, an advantage to implementing an "internal" package is that you could isolate your SWT port from whatever implementation you used.  Therefore, if you decided to switch from Cocoa to some other approach, your SWT widget classes shouldn't be affected.  Of course, I'm not part of the SWT development team, so don't take my thoughts here as gospel. <g>


David Whiteman