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Re: [platform-help-dev] Problems with the help system

Please use eclipse-platform newsgroup to ask questions regarding using help
system.  If there is a problem open, use bugzilla to report a bug against
Help component.  This mailing list is for discussions concerning
development of help system, and private mail is not a correct channel for
support either.

What does not work?  Check if you have one of the supported browser's
(Mozilla, Netscape) installed and on the path.  If not, go to
Window->Preferences->Help and use custom browser adapter to point to your
browser.  Consult the readme for workaround bug
https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=35673 (fixed in 2.1.1).  If
that does not help, open a bug against help and provide more details.


Konrad Kolosowski
Eclipse Help System

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Hi all,

My Help System doesn't work. Why?
Should I install something or change some properties for launching Help
OS: Linux SuSe 8.1
VR: eclipse platfrom 2.1
Alain Buehler

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