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[platform-ant-dev] Using eclipse.incrementalBuild task provided by the Eclipse platf orm in a simple ant file

Is it possible to use the eclipse.incrementalBuild ant task defined int the
Eclipse platform, in an ant file which is in my project using the
right-click + Run Ant... facility of Eclipse.
Actually I want to recompile my Eclipse project before generating a WAR
file: here is an extract of my ant script:
  <!-- Build WAR file -->
  <target name="BuildWar" depends="init">
    <eclipse.incrementalBuild project="MonProjet" kind ="full"/> 
    <delete verbose="true" file="MonProjet.war"/>
	<war warfile="MonProjet.war" webxml="${root.dir}/WEB-INF/web.xml">
	  <fileset dir="${root.dir}">
	    <exclude name="**/web.xml"/>
	  <classes dir="${bin.dir}"/>

I added the task in Window/Preferences/External Tools/Ant, but I have a null
pointer exception
Maybe I have to ad some jar's, but don't know which one?


Antony Brugger