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[photran] Re: Charles Brillon

Hi Charles,
I'm not sure, but I think there is something wrong with the last release of photran (3.0.0 full). It doesn't offer me to start a Fortran project from the beginning on. Is that normal? Mac and Linux distributions have the same behavior.
Due to the integration of the photran in cdt there are no differences between a
CDT project (c/c++) and a photran one. I took the liberty to change the
documentation from the webpage of photran to reflect this.

1. File | New | Standard Make Project
2. Call it whatever, click Next
3. Click on the Binary Parsers tab. If you are under Windows, you need to change it from Elf Parser to PE Windows Parser.
4. Click Finish
5. File | New | File
6. Call it Makefile
7. Click Finish
8. We assume you're familiar with how to format a Makefile. Something like this will work for now. Remember to start the g95 line with a tab, not spaces.

g95 -g hello.f90


9. File | New | Source File 10. Call it hello.f90 11. Click Finish 12. Type the standard "Hello, World" program.

program hello
print *, "Hello World"
end program hello

13. Project | Clean; then click OK
14. Open the Console view, and make sure "make" ran OK and compiled your program
15. In the Navigator view, click on your executable (a.out under *nix)
16. Run | Run As | Local Local Application or right click Run As | Local Local Application
17. Choose GDB Debugger (Cygwin GDB Debugger if you're under Windows)
18. Check the Console view, and make sure Hello World appeared.

I had to revert to fortran 2.1.0 to have it work.
There is a trick that can do it

let's consider that the name of the project in phoran 2.1.0 is MyProj
1. In Navigator View click on MyProj project icon
2. Right click and chose Delete.
3. Click on "Do not delete contents" radio button (even if the radio button seems to be
already checked). Click Yes. Now you project MyProj should vanish.
4.Now, File | New | Standard Make Project
5. Call it MyProj (the same name as the photran 2.1.0 project used to have),
click Next. Do the settings that you have to do, see step 3 from creatin of a
Standard Make Project
6. In the Navigator view you should be able to see an icon for MyProj
project. Click on it to expand the project. Delete the .photranproject file.
Now everything should be normal, again.



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