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RE: [phoenix-dev] Eclipse.org Directory Catalogue - changes

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Please note new version of directory catalogue document
  • I have included an XML graphic to indicate potential RSS feeds
  • "Project Discussions" - agreed they will be automatically generated and will take care of themselves, someone still needs to own the page where the links are
  • I have included Ed Burnett as owner of Corner Articles
  • Denis's Name has been corrected
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly Bjorn!
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And apparently a lot more too :-)

My comments:
  • "Change Tracking" should be automatic and thus does not need to be owned by anyone.  The idea is to be able to report to the reader the difference between the website today and the last time they read the website (or something like that).  RSS is a change tracking mechanism; there are others.
  • "Project Discussions" should be automatically generated from the Foundation database, thus the newsgroups page should be autogened and not require ownership. Same for mailing lists, etc.
  • Is Mike really in charge of Articles?  I thought Ed Burnett was.
  • Don't you have Denis' name spelled incorrectly?

Bjorn has already noted that he is the owner of the Eclipse Councils pages.

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