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RE: [phoenix-dev] CMS Wish List Revised

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We now have to do a tools analysis. I will arrange something with Denis and Bjorn.
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Subject: RE: [phoenix-dev] CMS Wish List Revised

This looks pretty good to me. At what point to we declare victory and move on?
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Subject: [phoenix-dev] CMS Wish List Revised

Changes are in yellow

Requirement Type



Additional Details

System Requirements




Application Server

Server or application environment required to run CMS


Tomcat or other Open Application Server


Database the CMS uses to store content

Must  run off a relational database

•My SQL (we already use it)

•PostgreSQL (has XML support)


Type of license



Operating System

OS this CMS is Compatible with



Programming Language

Language is written in


PHP, Java

Web Server

Web server this CMS is compatible with


Apache, Tomcat





Audit Trail

Does this system keep track of who made changes/ additions



Content Approval

Does this system have some sort of system wide approval?



Email Verification

Does this system send an activation key to make sure users have entered a valid email address?



Granular Privileges

Does this system allow read/ write functions on a per page and per content item basis as well as other privileges for other system functions?



LDAP Authentication

Does this allow for LADP based Authentication?



Problem Notification

Mechanism for alerting administrators when there is a problem

Nice to Have



Private area for content managers to try new ideas

Nice to have


Session Mgt

Some facility for an administrator to see who has logged in and if required log them out

Nice to Have


SSL compatible

Can this system be used with an SSL certificate on the web server?



SSL Logins

Can this System be configured to switch to SSL mode (HTTP) for logins?



SSL pages

Can this system be configure to switch to SSL mode for certain pages?




Does this system provide some kind of system wide content versioning?





Nice to Have






Ease of Use




Drag & Drop content


Nice to Have


Friendly URLs

Does this system have human readable and search engine friendly URL’s?

Nice to Have


Image Resizing

Does this system allow users to edit uploaded images?

Nice to Have


Macro Language

Is there a Macro Language that allows content managers to place powerful functionality (like auto generated navigation systems) without any programming knowledge?

Nice to Have


Mass Upload

Does the system have a way of uploading/importing many images and other files all at once to save time?

Nice to Have



Does the system allow the user to create custom default settings for the different kinds of content objects to save them extra clicks when creating those object types. For instance, if there is a particular template they like to use, can they set it as a default?

Nice to Have


Server Page Language

s there a server page language available like PHP, JSP, or ASP for easy one-off functionality?

Nice to Have


Spell Checker

Does the system have an integrated spell checker

Nice to Have



Can the user subscribe to various sections of the site and receive notifications on new/updated content? These types of functions are typically found in the news feeds, forums, and blogs.



Template Language

Is there a templating language for powerful layout controls? (Note that templating languages are different from server page languages in that they are not capable of full programmatic functions, and are fully HTML compliant

Nice to Have


UI levels

s there a means of dumbing down  the publishing interface for less sophisticated publishers while keeping a more sophisticated interface for power users?

Nice to Have



Does the system allow users to  operations if they make a mistake?

Nice to Have



Is there a web-based rich text editor to allow publishers to create formatted content without knowing HTML, CSS, XML, or XSL?

Nice to Have






Advanced Caching

Does the system have advanced caching mechanisms that go beyond simple page caching? For instance, navigation, template, or content object caching?



Database Replication

Can the system take advantage of database replication for better scalability? The system would need to be able to perform reads from slaves and writes to the database master.



Load Balancing

Does the system allow you to put a load balancer in front of it to split the load between multiple servers? This would require that user sessions can be passed between all the nodes transparently.



Static Content Export

Does the system have the ability to export it\'s content as static HTML so it may be served up from regional cache servers, or from static HTML web servers?

Nice to Have


Page Caching

Does the system have a mechanism for caching the contents of a page so that if it\'s requested again it can skip most of the work to create the page

Nice to Have






Content Staging

Can content be created on one server and easily pushed; to another server?

Nice to Have


Inline Administration

Is content edited directly in the page that it will be placed? (The alternative is that there is a wholly separate interface for managing content.



Online Administration

Can the system be completely managed through a web browser? (The alternative is that there is some sort of offline client software that must be used to manage at least some components.



Sub-sites / Roots

Does the system allow for sub-sites within a site that are self-contained with their own navigation and content hierarchy?

Nice to Have


Web Statistics

Does the system have built in web site statistics reporting for things such as pages/content items viewed, number of users per time period, etc?



Web-based Style/Template Management

Is there a web-based interface for adding styles and templates to the system for design and layout control?

Nice to Have


Workflow Engine

Is there a full-fledged workflow system integrated into the CMS that can be used for business process management (or other duties beyond just content approval)?







Content Syndication (RSS)

Can the system export RSS/XML feeds so that the content can be republished on other sites? Note that if it can only syndicate content from one function, such a news then it should be labelled as only limited support?



UTF-8 Support

Does the system support UTF-8 character encoding to enable multi-lingual sites without the use of separate code pages for each language?



WAI Compliant

Does the system follow the W3C specification for WAI compliance?

Nice to Have


WebDAV Support

Does the system allow users to upload internal content and/or files via WebDAV?


Emphasis on user management -  system that can implement a DEV/Stage/UAT model with the ability to maintain a separate promotional path for code and content

XHTML Compliant

Does the system follow the W3C specification for XHTML compliance?







CGI-mode Support

Can the system run in CGI mode for development purposes or on low-end systems?



Content Reuse

Does the system allow content to be mirrored (not copied, but reused) from one location to another on a site?



Extensible User Profiles

Does the system provide a user profiling that can be extended with new profile properties through an administrative interface?




Does the system support the adding of arbitrary metadata properties to all the content objects? The metadata is typically then used for profiling, indexing, or even auxiliary display functions.



Multi-lingual Content

Does the system support the creation of sites with multiple languages?



Multi-lingual Content Integration

Does the system support a multi-lingual version of each content object without republishing the content object. For example, if you create an FAQ in English, then all that needs to be done to display the FAQ in Spanish or another language is to translate the content, not create another page with another FAQ content object. Then depending upon user preferences it either shows one version or the other.



Multi-Site Deployment

Is the system capable of hosting multiple sites from one software deployment? This means you can install the software once and host as many sites as you want. It also means that when it comes time to upgrade you only need to upgrade the software in one place, not for each separate site.

Nice to Have


Wiki Aware

Does the system support wiki or wiki-like functionality? Wiki provides online collaboration functionality as well as a simple text formatting language.

Nice to Have


Built-in Applications





Does the system have a blog or web log? (See slashdot.org for an example.

Nice to Have


Discussion / Forum

Does the system have a message board?



Document Management

Does the system have an application for managing offline document storage and versioning?



FAQ Management

Does the system have an application to organize frequently asked questions?

Nice to Have


My Page / Dashboard

Does the CMS have a dashboard application (sometimes called a portal)

Nice to Have



oes the system have the ability to allow users to add/delete themselves to/from a list so that they can be sent email from the system on various topics?

Nice to Have



Does the system have an application for conducting simple single question polls?

Nice to Have


Search Engine

Does the system have an integrated search engine that can index the managed content and allow the user to search the indexed content?


Google Search is preferred

Site Map

Can the system generate a tree showing all of the pages in the system dynamically so it doesn’t\'t have to be maintained separately by the content managers?




Does the CMS have an application for conducting complex multi-question surveys?

Nice to Have


Syndicated Content (RSS)

Does the CMS have an application for retrieving and displaying RDF/RSS/XML syndicated content?