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Re: [pde-dev] DS annotation builder plug-in for the PDE

Hi Gerd,

The plug-in does look like a valuable extension for PDE.  The only issue is the limited amount of committer time available to review the fix and maintain it in future releases.

The feasibility of this should be discussed after 4.2 is released.

Curtis Windatt

From: Gerd Wütherich <gerd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: pde-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx,
Date: 2012/04/13 04:33 AM
Subject: [pde-dev] DS annotation builder plug-in for the PDE
Sent by: pde-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx


as you may know, the upcoming OSGi R5 specification (http://www.osgi.org/download/osgi.enterprise-5.0.0-pfd.pdf) contains a set of Declarative Services Annotations that can be used to generate the component description at build time. This approach significantly simplifies the development of service components. To support this approach in the PDE, I recently implemented a PDE annotation builder plugin (see http://drupal.gerd-wuetherich.de/pde-annotation-builder-en.html), based on some work Nils Hartmann and Frank Schlüter did before. This plugin provides a custom builder that generates component descriptions by traversing the ASTs of all source files that are contained in a PDE project.

The plugin works quit nice, and from my POV it would be a valuable extension for the PDE. So my question is if there is any interest/possibility to contibute the plugin the PDE project? It already is open source and licensed under the EPL (Git-Repository: https://github.com/wuetherich/ds-annotation-builder). 

Gerd Wütherich
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