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[pde-build-dev] Product build based on features and required plugins

Dear All,
I am using the product build (productBuild.xml) headless. The product configuration contains all needed plugins via nested features. However I would like to avoid third-party features included. The build succeeds, the usual eclipse folder structure is up along with the executable, but none of the dependent plugins. I would say it's ok, since the configuration does not implicitly includes them. Unfortunately, if the configuration has both <plugins/> and <features/> sections, first gets ignored.
My question is, what is the recommended way to cope with such situation, building your features and only the required plugins in a product?
Of course, including the dependent features is a solution, but the side-effects of those features are somewhat annoying, think of unwanted menu items and your dear customers. The eclipse repackaging might help, but I see no way to incorporate it with a single build. Thanks!