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[pde-build-dev] Trouble with Branding and zero length eclipse.exe in headless build

Title: Trouble with Branding and zero length eclipse.exe in headless build


I am having troble with creating a product headless build on ganymede 3.4.2.

I have a product that includes several features. It generates the scripts and build fine but comes unstuck on the assemble phase giving me the error

c:\standardidebuild\assemble.com.teradyne.gradex.core.feature.win32.win32.x86.xml:109: java.io.EOFException. Due to an empty ${launcherIcons} on the line

<eclipse.brand root="${eclipse.base}/win32.win32.x86/${collectingFolder}" icons="${launcherIcons}, ${basedir}/plugins\com.teradyne.gradex.product.standard.ide\resources\GRADE-XIcon.ico" name="${launcherName}" os="${os}"             />

Looking at the documentation and Bugs I see it looks very similar to bug Bugzilla – Bug 237922 this bug was supposed to be fixed in 3.4.1

Has it been reintroduced? Or is there another reason for this?

Also perhaps more seriously when I manually remove the  {launcherIcons} icons from the comma separated list I get a zero length Eclipse.exe being generated.

I have updated the eclipse installation with the delta packs (though I am just after an x86 build from an x86 platform). Also the product exports ok from the export wizard.

I'd be really grateful for any help or advice

Best regards


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