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Re: [paho-dev] MQTT Version 5.0 Progress

Thanks for sharing this, Ian. Would it make sense to setup a public instance of the v5 test broker for people interested in early interop testing?

Benjamin -

> Le 16 aoÃt 2017 Ã 12:58, Ian Craggs <icraggs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> a Ãcrit :
> 1. The test broker has a substantial amount of function in it, with outstanding work listed in the issues
> (https://github.com/eclipse/paho.mqtt.testing/issues)
> You can use it to test any V5 client implementation against.
> 2. There is a simple unit test (client_test5.py) which can be used against a V5 broker implementation.  I'll add more tests as more V5 features are added to the broker.
> 3. James has completed a Java client V5 packet library and is working on the rest.  A design discussion is ongoing in the issues on the project.
> 4. I'll start work on the C client soon.
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