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Re: [p2-dev] creating artifact repo from arbitrary files

You should be able to create custom metadata/artifact repository
implementation that knows how to collect and generate all necessary
metadata on the fly? We have something like this in Tycho to expose P2
artifacts cached in maven local repo to the resolver, works reasonably
well. I vaguely remember there was P2 code that expected "simple" repo
layout, but this shouldn't be an issue for a P2 committer ;-)


On 11/28/2013, 9:58, Krzysztof Daniel wrote:

I've found a problem when trying to install things loaded from a custom
*.info file into a base profile - P2 requires metadata (which I generate
from a running platform) and artifact repository, connected with an
artifact key. The point is that I don't have any artifact repository
connected with the *.info files, hence my question: what is more
appropriate to do - create repositories on the fly (is that even
possible) or ship entire repos?
I like the speed of shipping partial profiles, as there is no startup
overhead unless dropins are engaged on startup, but shipping repos has
its pros and cons - writing second dropins-like mechanism (tracking repo
changes etc etc) seems to be a bit overkill.