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[p2-dev] Unzip install action problems

I'm attempting to replace a cumbersome package upgrade feature which uses a custom touchpoint to execute a platform specific binary installer by using the built in unzip touchpoint. I've attempted to build a plugin with the zip file added and a feature which has a p2.inf containing the following.

instructions.install = org.eclipse.equinox.p2.touchpoint.natives.unzip(source: ${artifact.location}/engine.zip, target:${installFolder}/Engine/$version$.$qualifier$);

My first question, how can I debug this install action? When I run my eclipse app with -debug in the .ini file I see some information on the console, but nothing shows up during the upgrade process, and my file does not appear to be unzipped anywhere.

My Second question, is it possible to access a Path outside of the installFolder? our directory tree of the installed product looks like.


The eclipse app lives in a subdirectory of Designer, I need to unzip the contents of my archive into the Engine directory, is this even possible?