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[p2-dev] Improving logging in p2

Yesterday I have been involved in some fun p2 debugging sessions, and felt first hand the awkwardness of our debug / logging story.
The bottom line is that our .options file story just does not cut it. It may have been a good story 10 years ago but now it is an encumbrance.

- It is a file that nobody knows about or knows how to enable, it relies on keys that are specific to each part of the system and it does not compose very well.
- The debug info is directly written out on the sysout (not the best place)
- Can't change the debugging level at runtime (or at least not easily)

What I'm proposing is to change our debug logging to use slf4j. This pretty much gets us out of the business of logging, and leave the final decision to the integrator on which logging backend to use (log4j, logback, ...), and only add 37k footprint (slf4j-api.jar).
For the p2 being shipped in the SDK, we could decide to include the logback bundle to make it easy for ppl to use.

What do you think?